Photos, photos, photos….

I WILL be posting a delightful host of pictures very soon.  Very soon as soon as I find the cord that connects the camera to my computer…

Yesterday was beyond wonderful in the life-o-Meg.  I woke up to seventy degree, sunny weather!  There’s not a lot that gets me more excited than an unexpectedly perfect day.  I flung open the windows, cleaned my apartment, and rocked out a yoga flow all before work!  Work was my “advising” job (quotation-ed due to the fact that cleaning the office and filing doesn’t quite constitute advising) until the Dean let me (the only employee there) leave at four.

THEN Mr. Brett took me on a date to the Plaza in Kansas City for Cheesecake Factory goodness.  We debated quite a while over Figlio’s, an Italian place we’ve never been, and Cheesecake Factory, but CF’s amazing cocktails won out in the end.  Our hour and a half wait gave us (well, me) leave to peruse Forever21’s racks for a little while before settling at the bar for a bloody mary and a very fancy cocktail concoction called a Ritz Martini.  We were then lucky enough to get seated by the window upstairs so our whole meal was lit by the beautiful Plaza Christmas lights and a view of downtown KC.  I ordered the barbecue salmon and B had a “glamburger” (fancy cheeseburger).  I am always wary of ordering salmon but this was AMAZING and perfectly suited with corn succotash.  And of course, being at Cheesecake Factory, we had to order cheesecake.  B had pumpkin pecan and I treated myself to red velvet.  I’m debating eating my leftovers for lunch since my real, stick-to-it vegan diet starts tomorrow…

Yes…yes, yes.

Cheesecake for lunch is a good way to end 2010.

I hope everyone’s plans for New Years are MUCH more exciting than mine (I will be working) but that we all ring in 2011 right!

Enchanted New Year’s Eve, all!


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