I dig it.

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstances.”

– Bruce Barton, author, ad exec and politician.


A simple text from my sista this morning:
S: I started my diet today.  I am having a delicious smoothie for lunch though.  It is quite good.
M: What kind? We should talk about diet and workout stuff tonight when I come home so we can start getting ready for our half mary!
S: Apple cinnamon thing from Smoothie King – tasty. Yes, please.  I really want to get more in shape.
M: Blog with meeeeeeee!  It would be so cool!  Take turns creating new recipes, new workouts, fashion, music – all the things that create an enchanted life.
S: I dig it.

And so it will be.

Something I worry about in both blogging and writing is a lack of originality.  And, well, it’s a pretty easy thing to lack, especially in the food bloggie world.  We all love healthiness.  We all love food.  We all love love.  It can get pretty tough to establish yourself amidst all the personalities out there.

But today…yes, today, my friends…a new sort of blog was born.

One procured from “I dig it.”

Nutmeg, Tiny Human, and Sarizzle, respectively.

I deleted the past year and a half of blogging glory from Live Enchanted this morning.  That was a tough decision.

What is NOT a tough decision is saying yes to the prospect of a new, health-based, hipster blog that will keep you on your toes.

Sarah is the most original person I know and about to be the most original you know too!

Please prepare yourself for healthful living (body, mind, spirit), whole food living (I’m a veghead, she’s not), aerobic living (drink your juice, move your a$$), inspired living (music, fashion, art, life), and of course…

[drumroll, please…]

ENCHANTED LIVING!  On a whole new level, my friends.


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