Just call me the enchanted chef…

Or don’t.

It sort of depends how this very ambitious recipe-creating goes tonight.  I am spending the whole weekend in Colorado, doing things like paintballing and apartment shopping and am worried our busy busy trip will knock me totally off-track on my healthy-food regimen.

I’m packing a couple juices, but won’t be able to bring enough for the whole trip.  Supplement with a few Odwallas, perhaps?

I’m also trying really, really, REALLY hard to not consume much sugar and I know in a pinch it will be just oh-so easy to grab a sugary granola bar or give into a Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha.

Solution?  Create some sort of nutrient-packed, storeable, super food to bring with me!

On the straight-and-narrow today, I’m looking a little like this:
8:00 am: Green juice (2 carrots, 1 apple, 1/2 cucumber, several stalks of celery, handful of romaine, ginger, and cayenne pepper)
10:00 am: 1 avocado
12-1: Yoga class at the rec
1:30: HUGE spring mix salad with olive oil, Bragg’s, and cayenne + another green juice
3:00: Quaker True Delights Wild Blueberry Oatmeal
5:00: 30 minute jog with my PIC workout buddy Preston + a super-toning ab workout
6:30: 2 small pieces of pizza with olives, red pepper, and onion + another salad (I’ve got to get rid of all my veggies before we leave – I refuse to let them spoil!)

And then, CREATING!

Excited to find out what I whip up?  Ch-ch-check me out tomorrowwwwwww!

Oh a totally unrelated note, remember how Thursday I was so excited that I was running outside in shorts and a tee shirt because it was such lovely weather?

This is what is outside now.  Something like eight inches of snow.

I can’t be too upset because I got the day off yesterday and I truly celebrated being off work by doing NOTHING.  I slept way, way in.  I watched a movie.  Read a little of a book.  Took a nap.  Watched the college football National Championship with some friends.  Went to bed early.

Gotta love the field of education and our snow days.

Enchanted Tuesday, lovelies!



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