I need to learn to like being rubbed.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

– Rumi, Sufi Mystic & Poet.

If you don’t follow The Daily Love on Twitter or get Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love emails, you are missing out.  An amazing source of empowerment, motivation and love every morning I sit down and open my email?  Yes, please.

On a slightly less positive note, I did NOT make the super healthy granola bars I wanted to last night; however, I did do a ton of research and as soon as the fundage is available, you can plan to hang out with me in the kitch!  Cooking and baking is expensive for us broke college kids – a recipe that requires more than four ingredients has to wait for pay-day (or mom’s house)!

And I am NOT going to let myself be irritated by not getting everything done yesterday.  I’m being polished.

That’s my new motto.

I am pretty excited though about their potential awesomeness – toasted oats, flax, oat flour, puffed brown rice, honey, and almond butter base and then what to put in them? 

Orange white chocolate macadamia nut, perhaps? 

Cranberry almond carob?

 Peanut butter cinnamon chip? (This pic is of a vegan pumpkin cinnamon chip and pecan granola bar from Michelle the Brown Eyed Baker – very much might have to try out her recipe!)

Chocolate-covered pretzel? 

In the next month I’m going to make several different flavors – stay tuned for the outcomes and recipes!  (Note: all the above photos are linked to real granola bar recipes, if you want to try any of them.  My creations will be vegan and gluten-free, so it’s worth it to wait for me to test my base recipe a couple of times and make mine!)

8:00 am: Green juice
10:00 am: chocolate birthday cake at an office party (I can’t escape sugar. Cake is delicious.)
1:00 pm: Big mixing bowl salad with olive oil, Bragg’s and cayenne
5:00 pm: 1-hour elliptical sesh with P-dawg, my workout partner
6:30 pm: Dinner…?


Sarah’s posting tomorrow – super duper exciting!

Heads up Friday’s post might be put up Saturday and will be a photo-blog of our ten-hour, overnight drive.  Hopefully I’ll get a couple of cool landscape shots before it gets dark.

Enchanted, enchanted, enchanted week-ending and weekend, all!




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  1. Hannah S.

    Those granola bars look amazing! I’ll be looking forward to your healthified recipe!

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