The Charge of the Nerd Brigade

Hey, all-

Sooo… it seems like Meg has just chat chat chatted me up as this uber-cool, hip, and stylish cat always living on the edge of the HAPPENIN’ STUFFS.  Unfortunately, my wee little sis has been misinformed.  I am pretty much the nerdiest nerd known to Nerdkind.  For example:  I read graphic novels, I am a wee bit obsessed with dead Russian authors, I listen to techno on occasion, I like the rich tones of old tube radios, I dress like I am from the 40s or 50s when I am dressing to “impress,” I like anime (some, mind you, not all), and, most pertinently: I read webcomics like it is going out of style.

Some folks read the newspaper in the morning, some a magazine with their coffee, some watch a little T.V. before heading off to work… I read webcomics.  The best part about it is: the interweb is HUGE!  There are SO MANY phenomenal authors and illustrators out there and they do some AMAZING things with their craft.  I am going to amp up your nerdiness today with the beginnings of my oh-so-sweet recommendations…

This comic has, probably, the most incredible, detailed, touching, and mind-blowing plots known to man.  The illustrations are incredible.  The characters are annoying and petty and funny and heart-rending.  I have gotten so involved in this comic, I dance whenever it updates.  Since it updates somewhat infrequently, it’s like getting a Christmas present when I see new stuff up.
The story focuses for the first few episodes on two main characters: Jeremy is a socially challenged, timid, gent of Scottish ancestry and Nilsson is a wild, irresponsible, and extremely beautiful girl who, for unknown reasons, had clung to Jeremy, being both his friend and “protector” of sorts.  The story bounces a bit in the beginning from thing to thing, but once you hit the fifth episode, it is smooth sailing.  The plot develops into this twisting, dark, emotionally-charged story.  The characters start to deepen and they become almost real.  The author, Trudy Cooper, does an incredible job of pulling you into the story.  Trudy is probably one of the most humble and nice people I have ever had the good graces to talk to.  I was so stunned when I first found this comic, I sent her an e-mail just to tell her how much it astonished me.  I was totally blown over when she sent a personal and heartfelt “thank-you” within an hour.  From what I understand, she has been working on another comic ( which is VERY VERY NSFW, but still pretty dang fantastic) and, as far as I am concerned, she is a total rock star.

Well, that’s all for today.  I hope you can dig on the comic, because it has utterly Enchanted me.  I cannot WAIT to keep Living Enchanted with you lovely folks.

Keep it nerdy.


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