Books, brunch, and babies.

Colorado was a perfectly wonderful weekend getaway.  Both drives ended up being made at night, with B and an audio book (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – don’t recommend it) for company.  Nine hours actually flew by both ways!  And it was of course fabulous to get some one-on-one B time.

B - as usual, refusing to let me take a picture.

We went on two hikes,

Again - B taking ridic pics.

 went paintballing at Total Chaos Paintball (one of B’s Christmas presents from me – neither of us had ever been and it was so much fun!), played a ton with Baby C, the 8-month-old giggle bump of the couple we stayed with,

Baby C!

and ate so much food.

Several brunches were had, with an abundance of coffee and good times.


About to order, not realizing the breakfast burrito would be the SIZE OF MY HEAD!

I'm not kidding, that thing is huge.

Rootdown Denver - the quirkiest little veg-friendly place I've ever been!

Banana Bread French Toast with cayenne candied pecans and caramel syrup...HOMYGOSH so good.

Some un-photographed dinners (chicken-less buffalo chicken pizza, Quizno’s) and one very, very delicious homemade dinner.  Enter Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas ala The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook by Cathe Olson.

Homemade enchiladas and rice

Marco Negri - my love.

Friends and food - my two fave things.

Tomorrow?  The Enchanted adaptation of these sweet, savory, scrumptious little numbers.  Friday?  NEW POST!  Shopping for the family on a budget.  Sarah and I have been commissioned, on promises of a cut of the groceries, to shop for the Enchanted family each week and plan meals.  Essentially what we’ll be doing is shopping for three households – Sarah and Mr. K, myself and B, and Enchanted Mama, Enchanted Pops, and The Tiny Human.  Goal?  All to eat very, very healthfully and do it on the cheaps.

Stay tuned for Enchanted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chaladas tomorrow!

Enchanted Hump Day, darlings!


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