The word “dickens” makes me giggle.

I am having a DICKENS  of a time kicking my sugar habits.

Advice from Enchanted Mama: “Sugar is a tangible representation of the sweetness of life – indulge!”

I tried indulgence – it worked for a couple of days.


Now?  I’m right back to square one!

Something that I’ve always struggled with, particularly since I became a vegetarian almost two years ago, is iron deficiency.

With that in mind: click, google, click, click…am I all around mineral deficient?

It just seems so hard to belive since I consume SO many vegetables in a day!

Last night I had a big salad with carrots atop, two pieces of pizza with white beans and tomatoes and an apple with almond butter.  Today, a green juice with an apple, half of a cucumber, five stalks of celery and ginger, a big salad for lunch with a cup of Amy’s Curried Lentil Soup (I added 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk for creamy curried soup!), and a bag of celery.  That seems like it should be a ton of minerals – right?

But then 3:00 pm rolls around and I can’t stay out of the plate of no-bake cookies one of my co-workers brought or the candy drawer full of dark chocolate Hershey’s nuggets.

I’ve been hesitant to take vitamins because they usually give me a pretty upset stomach.  I’m thinking it’s time to suck it up and take them until my tummy gets used to it.

Week 1, Day 1
Intent to purchase One a Day Women’s tonight on my way home – check
Three Hershey’s nuggets – check
One no-bake cookie – check
Promises to myself to not call it quits altogether and eat myself into a sugar coma on the couch tonight – check

Workout updates, since I’ve been so lax about giving them:
Saturday: 45 minute walk/jog outside with Sarah and the Tiny Human – felt good to get some fresh air!
Yesterday: 30 minutes elliptical, 60 minute power yoga (it felt amazing to really stretch into some neglected muscles last night!)
Today: 35 minute jog on indoor track (slow pace, but no breaks)
Tomorrow: 60 minute power yoga sesh
Wednesday: 45 minute elliptical
Thursday and Friday: break days
Saturday: 30 minute run + 60 minute yoga

Sorry I’m so scattered today – after that super long post (did you check out Eats on the Cheaps Week 1 from yesterday?) I am absolutely all over the place!

Wish me luck on my run.

Take a moment tonight to reflect on how you feel.  Do you notice anything amiss or out of balance with your body?  What might help alleviate these feelings?  Something as simple as a vitamin regimen?  Changing your diet or exercise patterns?  Perhaps a visit to your physician?  Listen to your body, oh enchanted ones.

Happy Monday!


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