Everyday Namaste: Focusing on Who We Are

“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.”

– Deepak Chopra, best-selling author and speaker.

I am making it my intention to be more of who I am – who “Meg” really is.

I'm a sassy sassafrass. Throwin' gang signs all up atcha.

I'm very, very silly.

I'm obsessed with food - like these delish blueberry pancakes with pumpkin cream cheese filling!

I'm a hard working employee and student.

And then…there are some things I’m not.

Eva Longoria, for one. I think she's great gorgeous.

Ready for bikini season...uggggghh. Lots more miles to run before June.

Able to watch scary movies. I tried to man up and watch this with B last night - I had horrible nightmares!

It’s quite easy to focus on what we are not.  I would say that is particularly true in this season of the “new year;” so many resolutions to be “better” than our current state.  If we are constantly focused on believing we should be something different than what we are, we focus our energies in negativity.

Trust, I’m ridiculously hard on myself – especially when it comes to being and looking healthy!  It’s easy to think that I should look more like Eva, work out harder, longer every single day, and be more “fun.”  Is it fun to have nightmares for weeks on end?! No! Does B care if we watch comedies and romances and save the big, bad scaries for his guys’ nights? No!

I write this to remind myself that internal self-hate talk, even if small, wreaks some serious havoc on the mind and spirit.  The key to change is small, achievable goals that give a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.  I do intend to whip my butt back in shape, because being healthy and working out makes me feel good, inside and out.  But there is a line close to obsession that needs not be crossed in order to reach health (or any) goals.

I like being silly and sassy.  I like my achievements in college and in my job.  I like food.

And you know, I may not be bikini-ready today.  In fact, I might not be until June.

And I probably will never be Eva Longoria – or able to watch scary movies!

But today, in this beautiful moment, that’s pretty okay by me.

Enchanting dreams, lovelies!


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