Blizzard Shmizzard.

Snoepocalypse.  Snownami.  The Blizzard of Oz.

The Midwest has gone into hibernation with the arrival of another winter storm.  I think I have made the point before, but I’ll say it again: BE CONSISTENT, KANSAS.  Don’t get me excited for spring with shorts-weather and then send a blizzard.  Veeerrryyy uncool, Mother Nature.

Anywho, if you are in the storm’s path and have a little time to get to the store, this is what the American Red Cross suggests you have on hand.

But even more informative (although perhaps a little less practical…):

The Enchanted Guide to Surviving a Blizzard!

All the absolutely vital things you need to survive a blizzard, in order of importance:

1. Good company – particularly of the boy persuasion.

2. Hot coffee.  I must say, this is especially important when going in and out keeping the snow shoveled out of the driveway!

3. Fun movies On Demand to fill the hours.

4. And last but not least, good friends! 😉


Enchanted snow day, readers!


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