Eats on the Cheaps: Quinoa UPDATE

Update UPDATE:  Hey, ya’all-if you live in the OP area and were hoping to take advantage of this offer, Costco no longer carries the Veggie Patch products (which was a HUGE bummer moment for me and the ma the other day).    Just wanted to let you know. 

This week has been phenomenal grocery-wise.  It seems like most weeks, two days after going grocery shopping, I open the refrigerator and can’t find anything to eat.  This week our refrigerator is still FULL.  There is so much delicious foliage up in there. 

Sad news, though…

Quinoa: Not available at the Wal-Mart in OP!  They did have 1 kind of Quinoa at the Wal-Mart near where I work in Olathe but it was only 7 ounces for SIX DOLLARS.  That’s almost a dollar per ounce.  Since I didn’t want to go that much over our budget, we opted for brown rice on a few days instead. 

The biggest surprise for this week: Veggie Patch Mediterranean Spinach and Chick Pea patties that I picked up on a whim at Costco.  This brand is a wholesale brand, so they are pretty much only available at places like Costco or Sam’s Club, but on their website they have a locator ( that will tell you where, near you, their products are sold.

They are friggin’ DELICIOUS.  Even as a person who eats meat fairly frequently and doesn’t always like vegetarian alternatives, this was a satisfying, wholesome, toothsome, and just outstanding meal. 

I pan seared both sides of the patty until light brown and served on a toasted ciabatta bun with pesto mayo (1 part Vegenaise or light mayo mixed with 1 part pre-made pesto), sliced campari tomatoes, and topped with spinach lightly wilted in a pan with garlic.  The result: dinner TO THE MAX!!!!  It was utterly mind-blowing.

Here is a link to a coupon, if you can find a location that sells the brand near you, for any of their products listed on the coupon for FREE.  That is correct, FREEEEEEE.

I would wager that their spinach bites are just as delicious.

As a non-veghead, I have noticed that the supposed “meat replacements” that taste the best are the ones that aren’t trying to taste like meat.  I dig on Boca burgers and Morning Star garden burgers and Chik nuggets and on and on, but the form somehow reminds me that these are just a mediocre replacement for what I am actually craving.  Somehow the patties and nuggets that don’t dress themselves like animal products and abuse soy protein and such and just look like, well, vegetables, taste BETTER to me.

I think it’s time to hear your opinion:

Thank you, enjoy, and Live Enchanted, folks!


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