The Day the Music Died

The White Stripes disbanded yesterday.  They put together some nice words ( and told the world that they would no longer be making music together.

For all the talk about what a terrible drummer Meg White is/was and how Jack White is one of the most talented guitar players today, the White Stripes as a whole made some pretty dang amazing, catchy, sometimes heart-rending and sometimes whimsical music.

They inspired incredible covers.

 And all in all were a pretty big staple of my adolescence.   If you weren’t aware of the White Stripes, now is the time to discover.  I know this is a short post, but in light of the circumstances, I felt compelled to give a shout out to music well-made and well-loved and shine a light on a worthy, and soon to be missed, career.


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One response to “The Day the Music Died

  1. Lingui

    OOOOHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not the White Stripes! My friend was just blaspheming the other day by calling them the Shite Wipes. That’s going to be some baaaaaaaad karma. I loved De Stijl (De Style? De Still? DeStijul? De Styl? Whatever it is, it ROCKS). Still one of my favorite albums EVAR.
    Man, moment of silence for the soundtrack to my awkward years…

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