A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Howdy, Enchanted folks! 

I have been posting savings and ways to earn money online lately and I want to continue on that thread by introducing something fairly new to me:

Free samples on the INTERNETS.

FREE scrabble


There are tons of sites out there that compile lists of links to all the freebies and coupons they can find.  I have been picking through them over the last few weeks and I have HUNDREDS, count ’em, HUUUNNNDDDREEEDDDSSSSS of free samples coming my way including:

A year-long subscription to Cooking Light     –     FREE

A year-long subscription to Elle: Accessories     –     FREE

A year-long subscription to Maxim (for the manfriend)     –     FREE

A year-long subscription to several trade subscriptions @ http://www.tradepub.com/ (including CANDY Industry, Food Arts, Prepared Foods, Baking Arts, Stone World, etc. [Why not? It’s freeeeee!])    
 –     FREE

Several months worth of free feminine products, like this kit of samples of SIX different products (https://www.beinggirl.com/en_US/sampling_teen.jsp?&utm_source=BG_NL_Jun10_13_to_17&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=monthly_newsletter)     –     FREE

Samples of Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, samples of dove conditioner, samples of HAIRTRIGGERED products, and Redken shampoo     –     FREE

Upscale beauty products, like a sample kit from www.skinspadiva.com, and spa products like this free sample of handmade soap (http://salonanddayspa.org/freehandmadepeachsoap.html)     –     FREE

Several Ayn Rand books to use in the homeschool classroom (http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pagename=education_classroom_books)    –     FREE

Jillions of vitamin and healthy drink mix and protein bar samples like this offer for this free sample of Chia Seed products (http://blog.greensplus.com/free-sample-of-greens-omega-3-chia-seeds)     –     FREE
And that is just a sampling of the overwhelming amount of free stuff that is coming to my mailbox.  Free!  Completely, utterly, totally FREE. 

As with the surveys I spoke of earlier, anything that asks for your credit card information is a scam.  Proceed with caution and you may just get some pretty cool free things.

Free stuff

My favourite and most reliable sites so far have been:


These two have some off the wall stuff, not just mainstream brands, but cool handmade things…


Nikki’s Freebie Jeebies (http://www.nikkisfreebiejeebies.com) also has a whole category for active sweepstakes, too, so you could also win really expensive, awesome things whilst searching for your free crap, you cheapskate.

As I receive my freebies in the mail, I will take pictures of the things I get so you can see that this is for reals and check out all the sweet things you can get just by signing up for a newsletter or simply giving your address.  It’s risk-free, fun-full, and won’t cost you a damn dime.

Overall, there are tons of free products to sample out there.  Take advantage of it!  Live FREE, live enchanted!



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  1. You da you da beeeeessttttt.

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