Awwa, no pictures.

Gah! My camera is currently locked in B’s brother’s car – I promise to have pretty pics again very soon.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about workouts so I thought I would give you an update.

I am trying to cut down those last couple holiday pounds (I know three pounds sounds like a silly thing to worry about, but I really want to be fat free before I start hormone treatments in a month because I’m one of the unlucky girls who gains weight with them!).  Unfortunately, my running partner has a pretty bad sprained ankle, so I’ve been on my own for workouts.  Knowing myself, I gave up thirty to forty minute runs.  Preston is a godsend who always sets our pace and keeps me pushing through to the end which I am fully unable to do myself.

Instead, I started my own sort of interval training for attention deficit workout-ers!

5 minutes of stretching
16 minute jog (1-10: steady pace, 11: walk, 12: sprint, 13: walk, 14: sprint, 15: jog) – estimated calories burned: 97
15 minute elliptical, weight loss setting; alternating between level 5 and 8 – calories burned: 144 (*I think the Precor is a little generous with how many calories it thinks I burn…)
15 minute session on the Nautilus Stair Master. calorie burner setting – calories burned: 102.4
Walk cool down and a little stretching

Total calories burned in less than an hour: 343.4.  AND never so much time doing one activity that I get bored.  My thighs are burning – I love feeling sore after a workout.

As far as diet to check the last little bit of green bean casserole and holiday cookies hanging around, I’m using my typical whole-food eating approach.  Lately I’ve been having a cup of coffee or green juice in the morning, a 6″ veggie Subway flatbread for lunch (290 calories for deliciousness and only $5 every other day!), and dinners have been all over the place: a FullBar, refried beans and salsa, one of those great Veggie Patch chickpea sandwiches, Tomatoey Chickpea Soup (recipe coming this weekend!), or just a granola bar or piece of fruit.  Oranges and berries are great right now, so be sure to pick some up at the store!  I also snack on vegetables, fruit, granola bars, or THIN Addictives Cranberry Almond Thins (available at Costco) with almond butter throughout the day.  And of course there are always those oddball days where we have cake at work or B and I go to dinner – but I’ve been try try trying to make those less of a habit and more of a treat.

I did start (yesterday) with a NO SWEETS OR ELSE kick.  Starting small, my goal is just to make it until next week without eating junk.  I made it through Day 2 with my only crutch being decaf coffee with a little honey after dinner.  Pretty good for me!

As usual, this is simply a “what I’m doing” post and not any sort of medical or diet advice.  What you can take from me and I will always swear by: eat your veggies and move your body.

I promise to give you a more organized post tomorrow.

Peace out, Enchanted Ones!


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