There’s no “Contest,” You “Sweep” Me Off My Feet

Alrighty, my frugal peeps…
Today’s wonderful blog is about SWEEPSTAKES…

There are LOTS of sources out there that keep track of active contests and sweepstakes.  I know the odds are much less in anyone’s favour for winning some of this stuff, but it gives me a dang thrill to know that maybe, just maybe, I might win incredibly awesome free stuff!

Here’s the deal-io, though.  After spending weeks of typing in website addresses to re-enter sweepstakes that allow daily entry, I got bored with it and I did what any nerd in my circumstances would do…

To give you an idea: imagine the nerdiest person you know and increase the nerdiness by about 25% and you will probably divine your solution. 


If you guessed “post a you-tube video of myself in homemade ninja clothes, using nunchaku poorly against invisible foes in front of my little sister’s Little Tykes plastic playhouse in my mom’s back yard,” you are very close. 


If you guessed “buy Doritos, pizza rolls, Twinkies, Twizzlers, Mountain Dew, ( a well-rounded meal) and seasons 1-8 of Dragon Ball Z and stay in all week,” you are so close it hurts.

 If you guessed “put it in an excel spreadsheet” or “blog about it,” you are right on both accounts.  I slapped together an excel spreadsheet yesterday with all of the links to the sweepstakes, inlcuding the end date of the contest, and coding to determine whether I enter daily, weekly, or monthly.  Man, it took me 10 minutes to go through all of my entries for today. 


Anyhoo…so websites that list pretty much most of the sweepstakes…

As I previously sort of, kind of mentioned…

And my new favourite…

They really outline all of the contest rules and such before you even click on it.  The blog poster(s) always do all the hard work of reading the rules and interpreting them for the la(z)yman, such as meself.

My favourite sweepstakes right now are these…

Tony’s 99 Days of More
With chances to win free pizzas, a Nintendo Wii, giftcards, and DVDs.  And they are giving away stuff every single day.

Pepsi MAX Vend and Win
I won a free t-shirt today!   You just text MAX to 72579 and you can enter once per day.  Woo, t-shirt!

Coke Zero NCAA Challenge
You can win cameras, tickets to B-Ball games, gift cards, and all kinds of other stuff.  PLUS! You don’t even need codes.  They will e-mail you one free code per day if you click on the Official Rules link and look under section 5C

Check ’em out folks!  Maybe you will win something!

Okay, and is it weird that I kind of think Robert Carradine as Louis in Revenge of the Nerds is bizarrely sexy…? 

Kinda hot…?  Maybe…?  Except for the buck teeth.  I dunno, though, I bet he can whistle like nobody‘s business.   PRIORITIES, ladies…

I think I need a nerd detox.  Someone play some incoherent rap music and put me in clothes from Abercrombie, STAT!  Anybody have a tool-bag boyfriend and a Natty Light I can borrow?  It’s for my health…


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One response to “There’s no “Contest,” You “Sweep” Me Off My Feet

  1. Lingui

    All I can think of now is that song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Toot Sweet or something…? I bet dogs follow him around a lot, haha.

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