IT’S FREE to do what I want any old time

I just wanted to post a quicky quick update on all of the swell free stuff I have been receiving in the mail.  It pretty much has all come in a rush and this week, check it… I had a bountiful plenty…


Tons of educational crapola from Scholastic for the home-schooled Little Human and 9 free greeting cards from Hallmark for all occasions

...Including art, science, culture, math, history, world news, economy, political, etc. 'zines for kids

...that came with teacher's guides for activities to go along with the magazines and 12 full-size posters and big copies of the magazines to have in front of a classroom

And that’s just the first round!  I have even more to post for tomorrow.  Just check out the pile of mail I got today…

Heh, just kidding.  I do have a pile of about twelve-ish padded envelopes to go through, though.  Tomorrow you will see what’s up!  Just goes to show you, for a couple minutes of signing up, you reap fantastic rewards…



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3 responses to “IT’S FREE to do what I want any old time

  1. Lingui

    Cool! Where did you get the cards? Did you have to order stuff from Scholastic to get the things in the picture. I am anxiously waiting for my free samples from your freebie(by?) post.
    Found another cool website, too…
    Found a few cool things, anyway.

    • sarahatoms

      Hey, there! The cards they actually had sitting on the counter at Hallmark, where I did not purchase Valentine’s cards from because I waited until they were all picked through but the mushy ones. I guess, extras…? Or something. And, no! The samples from Scholastic were completely free. Pretty cool.
      Swag Grabber… gotta check that one out. Thank you!

  2. When will someone start giving me free stuff just because I’m cool? Because I would like that to happen.

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