Making Crapplesauce.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.”

                                                                                                        – Douglas Noel Adams

Life is sort of like inventing a new recipe. 

About 8 medium apples, peeled and cored
1 sweet potato, baked and sliced
1/2 cup brown sugar
Swill of maple syrup
Dash of salt
More cinnamon than you think you need
6 cups of Musselman’s applesauce

Sometimes it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

1. Cook apples covered with a dash of water over medium-high heat.
2. Stir occasionally, but otherwise enjoy the company of your mom and sister.
3. Mindlessly toss in the sweet potatoes and continue to enjoy conversation and sweet tea.
4. Burn apples to the bottom of the pan.  I mean really, really burn the crap out of them.
5. Scoop out salvageable remains, which is pretty much just sweet potatoes and the tip-tops of the apples.  Toss the charred apples and light a candle to cover up the reek of scalded sugar.
6. Mix in syrup, sugar, salt, cinnamon, and as many of your little sister’s lunchbox applesauce cups as you can find.
7. Serve with a smile and don’t mention all the little burnt bits floating around in it.  When people ask, dub your creation “Smokey Sweet Applesauce” – smokey flavor totally intentional.
8. Laugh over the mess for the rest of the day.


But it always seems to work out for the better – even if it wasn’t the exact path we planned to take.


I’m going to put this out there, for better or for worse.  I have an unbelievable fear that anything I want too much I can’t have.  Yesterday I applied for an internship with DreamWorks Animation for event planning.

I want it.  I’m immediately endangering it by wanting it too badly, but I’m focusing on challenging fears and this seems like a good one to conquer, to prove wrong.  So, lovely readers, consider this my denouncement of fear.  I’m going to want this internship more than I’ve ever wanted anything and see where that gets me – surely no worse off than if I hadn’t hoped for it at all.


What’s something you want more than anything?  Are you pursuing it or scared of disappointment?

I ❤ comments.



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3 responses to “Making Crapplesauce.

  1. Enchanted Mama

    I want to be an artist that people recognize. I want one of my paintings to hang in a place where people stand and stare and discuss and ponder. I want the little white card beside the canvas to say Stacey Adams. I want to be remembered for my art, my life, my children. I want to leave behind a little bit of light before I am once more absorbed into that light. I want my love of this world to carry on.

  2. sarahatoms

    Yay!!!!! Crapplesauce! My favourite!
    1) place sliced apples in pan
    2) burn apples beyond recognition
    3) fan smoke away from smoke detector
    4) remove apples
    5) peel off foil lids on store-bought, snack-size applesauces
    6) place in pot
    7) Stir in Burny Crap ™
    8) if not sticky enough, add a dash of Sticky Shatner ™ (optional)

    Hahahaha, so great.
    You truly are the best!

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