Guess who…?

Guess who is a loser and forgot to publish her post last night?  That would be this girl:

Okay, okay, so I have an excuse…

I became a product tester for New Balance shoes fairly recently.  They sent me my first pair of shoes Tuesday…

Anyway, so to be an “Elite Tester of Importitude and Amazingness,” they want you to put 200 miles on them in the testing period.  The testing period is from 03/02 to 03/29.  I would have to run 7-8 miles a DAY to manage that.  Do-able, I am sure for my wee sisser who is fit as a fiddle, but I have literally gained about 7 pounds in the last few months and am about the size of two of her, all said.  

I spent a hefty part of 2009-early 2010 working my arse off trying to shed some weight.  I got down to a size 6 (very briefly, I pretty much remained a size 8-10 through most of that period), which is smaller than I had been since middle school, but since that time, have managed to balloon back to a size 12-14.  AND IT’S ALL IN MY MIDDLE SECTION.  DAMN DAMN DAMN you, body, for preparing to be a baby factory. 

ANYWAY- I am trying my damnedest to put as many miles on these shoes as I can, so I took my out out out of shape self and ran 4 miles last night and 3 the previous.   I pretty much didn’t do anything but pass my sore sorry self out when I got back from my run.  I need to get this body in running shape. 

You know what that requires?  No more smoking

That is going to take some work….

No more Taco Bell late at night…

And damn them for running a special right now… for those of you not dieting… 88 cent crunchwrap supremes until 03/05…

and no more soda!

Oh man, oh my I have work to do…

But anyway…

Want to be a product tester?  Reap sweet rewards?  Roll in riches and bitches?  (minus the last one…probably…unless you are super super suave…)

Sign up!  They send you nifty things…

Be a product tester for McCormick!  Spices!

Be a product tester for the National Consumer Panel! (More info to come on this…) Essentially, scan your purchases each week and earn points towards rewards…

Be a General Mills product tester!

Test Kraft Foods!

Be a Nailene product tester!

Be a Fing’rs product tester!

Do it, you know you want to.  

Oh!  And wish me luck on my shedding of extra Sarah and live, man.  Live enchanted.


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