Fake, Faux Credit Card Numbers

I have been going through all these surveys and such and free trials for magazines, and, well, a lot of things that offer “free trial issues” or really any sort of free trial, still require your credit card information.

Say you want to try out Southern Living magazine with two free trial issues…?  You can still do it!  You never really know when you may need a faux credit card number, but when you do, this site can provide them for you:


It sounds pretty shady, I know, but I assure you it’s actually pretty legitimate.  Even on the mechanical turk, some of the tasks are testing the functionality of the payment sector of the website and Lord knows, you don’t want to start getting tons of Acai Berry supplements in the mail and $99 payments on your credit card. 

Here’s a couple to get you started, but that website above is always a great reference…

  Visa:        4544182174537267
  Master Card: 5460506048039935

Remember, you can’t actually use these to purchase things, and they aren’t stolen or linked to real people.  They just happen to pass the test (http://www.darkcoding.net/credit-card/luhn-formula/ ) credit card numbers need to pass to look like real credit card numbers.

This is why nerds will rule the world.


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