Crazy, Sexy, Spicy, Foxy LIFE.

Did you know when you endure a whole weekend and yucky Monday with no enchanted postings you get two awesome posts in a row?! Lucky you.

Today highlights my ideal healthy diet trend – a little bit of the crazy sexies.

The Crazy, Sexy Diet

by Kris Carr

I can’t tell you all about the Crazy, Sexy Diet.

[Go buy the book, diva!  But I will give you the basics, just like I did for Martha’s Vineyard.]

I can’t give you the recipe for Raw Goddess Soup.

[Although, I’ll give you a hint – it’s raw veggies.  Surprise!  But I promise K.C.’s recipe is splendiferous.]

What I can tell you is this lifestyle [Key difference between “lifestyle” and “diet.” Diets = bullshit, ya’ll.] gets my tired, unbalanced and mucky self bright, shiny, sexy and new!  Fool proof plan for conquering the rest of this crazy, CRAZY, CRAZY final semester of college.

I swear it was just the other day I was making pinky promises to myself to stick to a pH balanced diet.  What happened to that?




Probably in that order.

Back on the straight and narrow for this foxy mama.  21-Day Adventure Cleanse – here I come!  *Note: I wrote about my spectrum of healthiness in the Martha’s Vineyard post – crazy, sexy lies in the middle for me, with liquid detoxing and Skinny Bit** coming before.  I wanted to get my cleanse started, so I’ll catch ya up on SB next week.

What happens when you commit to being a crazy, sexy vixen?  You make a lifestyle choice for clean, raw, vegan eating for the most part – but it is flexible enough to fit in wherever your life is right now.  Want meat?  Great!  Just limit it to save your body and the world.  Dairy?  Sure!  Keep it organic and minimal.  [Be prepared, you will get a little lecturing about how they treat animals in the food industry.  Bring a strong stomach.]  Still want to whip up some fancily prepared cooked meals?  Okie dokes.  She recommends a 60/40 or 80/20 ratio of alkaline (fresh, organic veggies) to acidic foods (everything else) for each meal, as well as starting each morning with fresh green juice to boost your oxygen levels and make your bod hot, healthy, and happy.

As usual, this vegetarian college girl’s got a little beef with the cost committment.  K.C.’s pretty good about giving alternative options for all of her suggestions, but the supplements and equipment and weekly grocery bill can add up.  Plus, it takes a pretty serious time committment to have all of your meals and juicing prepared; especially for us girls on the go!

My solutions?  Borrowed my Mom’s juicer.  Bought some Naked Green Machine juice for rough mornings.  Buying the bare minimum of fruits and veggies and dealing with some soups and juices being a little lackluster.  Also, not all of my produce is organic.  Day 3 and I’m doing pretty okay!

Back to what I said previously about detoxing in general:

“Do I think you can eliminate toxic buildup in the body?  I’ve done it and yes, absolutely.  Proven in my own attempt, pros of detoxing are the alleviation of seasonal allergies, astronomical improvement of energy levels, weight loss and cellulite reduction, clear, bright skin, defense against depression and an enhancement of the feeling of well-being, removal of some drug support, and lessening of chronic headaches.  Immediate maintenance is also fairly simple, as detoxing sets you up for a healthy lifestyle.  All of these are big, life-changing sorts of pros.

Fasting has been used for  thousands of years as a religious and cultural practice and I believe, in moderation, it continues to be applicable today.” K.C. has the crazy sexies juice fast one day per week and it is pretty powerful, but unlike Martha’s Vineyard, the other six days of the week you consume healthy solid foods for lunch and dinner, making this much more successful than a pure liquid detox.

What I love about the crazy, sexy diet is it’s mostly common sense, but reminds me to do what I sometimes forget to do: be healthy mind, body and spirit.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but Kris Carr is my girl.  Show her some love and go pick up Crazy, Sexy Diet; I promise it is a purchase worth making!

Outline of my last two days:
Day 1
7:30 am 16 oz Yerba Mate tea with Stevia
32 oz of water
11:30 am Overnight Oats
1/2 cup gluten-free, organic rolled oats
One container Oikos Honey Greek yogurt (<I’m eating a little dairy for protein since I’m still working out pretty hard)
1/2 cup almond milk
1 T chia seeds
1 T flax meal
**Stirred up the night before for a creamy, delicious, hella-filling lunch!
16 oz of water + 1 Healthy Fasting tea bag with Stevia
4:30 pm 1/2 cup potato corn chowder that was leftover at work
8 oz of water + 45 minute cardio workout (15 minute jog, 15 minute elliptical, 15 minute Stair Master)
6:30 pm 16 oz Raw Goddess Soup
8 oz of water
8:00 pm 16 oz of Mint Melange tea with honey + a few bites of an amazing blueberry scone at my fave coffee shop

The end of the day I was feeling pretty grumpy and stressed.  I ended up falling asleep around 10:30 and slept hard all night.  Besides the mood swing, I didn’t feel too hungry at all and my tummy was unusually happy!

Day 2
8:00 am 16 oz Yerba Mate tea with Stevia
9:00 am 8 oz Naked Green Machine juice
32 oz water
12:00 Overnight Oats (same recipe as above, but with cinnamon added – delish.)
16 oz hot water with lemon and cayenne pepper
3:00 Couple of handfuls of baby carrots
16 oz water
6:15 Cliff Blueberry Z-Bar
6:30 20 minute elliptical + 60 minute yoga flow
8:00 Salad mix, cucumber, and red pepper massaged with 1/2 an avocado, couple spritzes of Bragg’s, pepper, and nooch (nutritional yeast)
3/4 cup vegetable broth, hunk of onion, handful of spinach, handful of mushrooms, Italian seasoning – heated
Chocamole (don’t knock it til you try it! This stuff is chocolate crack.) 1/2 avocado, 3 T cocoa powder, squeeze of Agave syrup, 1 T almond butter (blend until creamy, adding water little bits at a time until moussey and fabulous.)
8 oz water

I woke up very refreshed in the morning and was focused all day at work; at 6:15 when I snarfed the Z-bar (thank goodness I found it in my purse), I was feeling really low-energy.  The bar perked me right back up though and I powered through cardio and yoga!  I was productive most of the rest of the night, although a little unfocused on homework (perhaps a symptom of Senioritis, not detoxing…), but right before bed had a little cry for absolutely no reason.  Silly mood swings.

I’m three hours in on Day 3!  So far: 16 oz hot water with lemon and cayenne, 16 oz Yerba Mate tea with Stevia, 8 oz water, and 6 big, beautiful strawberries.  B is bringing me a jumbo V8 blend juice from our local, Lawrence juice shop for lunch in a couple of hours because I was running late this morning and he’s a doll and a half.

Longest post ever?

Longest post ever.

Sarah is coming to L-town tonight to make macaroons and smoke hookah – our goal is to put together a vlog post for tomorrow…we’ll see how that pans out.

Happy Hump Day, Enchanted darlings!


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