Enchanted Vlog #1

I’m a list-maker.  They cover my desk at home and at work, are tucked into purse pockets, litter the floor of my room, and pop up unexpectedly, alerting me to the fact that I started a list and never completed everything on it.  In response?  I make another list.

We all have our problems.

1. Take a moment to check out this lady – her writing is exceptional and I’m taking some leaves out of her photography-skills book as soon as I get my new camera!

2. I think I’ve decided on a Canon EOS T2i.  18 megapixels, 3.7 frames per second, HD video capability, 18-55 mm lens (ooh lala, Canon’s speaking photo-nerdy to me).  Any insight?  What are you shooting with?

3. Day 4 of Crazy, Sexy cleansing (yay for me)!  I did not cry last night, but did pass out at 10 pm.  I did all liquid (except for a few strawberries in the morning) until dinner (yerba mate tea, healthy fasting tea, hot water with lemon and cayenne, water, jumbo V8 juice blend from our local juice place (tomato, green bell pepper, celery, parsley, carrot, spinach, cucumber, with garlic and lemon added)), and then for dinner had a salad and half of an avocado chimichurri wrap.  After not eating all day, the wrap was a little much for my stomach, but well worth it.  I’m going with a salad and overnight oats for lunch today because I work both jobs (17 hour day, whaaaaat?) and think I’ll need the energy.  I’m skipping my cardio to get a nap in between.  Good decisions all around, me thinks.

4. Sarah and her boyfriend Kevso came to L-town last night to visit!  We had a fabulous dinner at Free State, smoked hookah at our favorite little place downtown, attempted to get a psychic reading, and danced publicly.  Overall successful night.  We took the opportunity of togetherness to practice our video blogging (vlogging) technique.  Check, check, check, uh-check it outtttt.


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