5 responses to “Lists, my arch enemy

  1. sarahatoms

    Hey, Meg-
    I love how our description says you are the grounded one and I am the eccentric one and yet, my profile picture is in front of file cabinets! (which just screams “responsible” to me) and you are a silly moustachioed hipster in yours. File cabinets, I tell you!

  2. megkadams

    Hey! I have file cabinets!
    Those pictures may be unrepresentative of both of us.
    Mine should be just of a brain exploding.
    That would be the most appropriate right now.

    • Lingui

      Yeah, seriously, Sar, yours should just be a picture of you in your 40s dress forgetting to fill up your gas tank.
      That pretty much sums you up! Eccentric and unable to focus on things normal people do all the time.

      • sarahatoms

        Paha! Hear that, kids? I’m Abbie Normal.
        Man, if you were my paparazzi, you could literally get that photo opportunity 18 hours a day! The other 6 hours, I am wearing pajama pants that say “Night Owl” and have little pictures of owls wearing sunglasses on them and either watching streaming Netflix or sleeping. OR BOTH.
        Most likely while ALSO not bathing! See? I can multi-task.

    • sarahatoms

      I don’t believe that you have file cabinets, BTW.
      Maybe file folders, but cabinets…? That’s for the extremely responsible people, not flakes like you. HIPSTER!!!!
      No, it’s fine, I understand. You just have drab, flourescent-lit, cubicl-ated, file cabinet ENVY.

      (This is all totally ironic, for those not familiar with my sister and I- I am COMPLETELY the irresponsible, flaky one-that’s totally my modus operandi)

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