No pictures!

I have the best sisser-  I have been straight broke lately, folks.  I used to go therapeutic shopping every week.  I haven’t been able to buy anything fun for myself in almost a year.  Top that with the fact that my weight has been fluctuating like mad.  I dropped down almost six sizes last year and got rid of all of my LARGER clothes, but now I am backy back backin’ up right back into those bigger sizes and have NOTHING to wear.  I guess I was too optimistic when I lost weight… 

She invited me to go shopping with her yesterday after spending a ripe 2 hours hanging out at the DMV because my silly self somehow managed to LOSE my new registration tags and I have been driving so completely illegally for about 16 days.

It wasn’t as bad as it could be, though, I must admit.  Luckily, I got stacked on the smoker’s bench outside (it was a particularly lovely afternoon) and they have this sweet texting system where they text you when your number is up.  I was sitting next to a dude licensing his Suzuki bike and we kept each other entertained with small talk.  I don’t mind being trapped somewhere boring if I can get some cool conversation in. 

But, anyway, shopping!  She got me presents… 

We did (both) get this cool necklace in gold.  It’s a tiny purse!  I’m pretty sure it could easily hold fitty cents for when you walk down to the store and buy a single piece of Dubble Bubble bubbly gum.

So it’s perfect for everyday use, right?   Maybe if you are six years old…

Haha, hoo okay…I just wanted to be part of the shopping blogging…


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