I have this thing called a “blog.”

It’s where I blah blah blargh about nonsense every day.

Or in the case of this week, most days.

It’s totally narcissistic, really.  HEY, EVERYONE!  COME READ ABOUT MY LIFE!

I try to keep it pertinent to healthy living, but sometimes I digress and tell you about things like:

Shopping trips.

The job hunt.


Or my new life plan.  Ala Katie, I’m thinking this whole going back to school thing might be the best solution.  After sending out a gazillion resumes and bashing my head against my keyboard for the last month, I don’t think getting a “graphic design degree preferred” job is going to work without actually getting the preferred graphic design degree.  Plus, the prospect of taking classes I’m actually interested in sounds way appealing.

Two more years of school to be able to do what I love?  It doesn’t sound too terrrible…

Enchanted afternoon, all!

What about you?  Are you doing what you’re passionate about?  If not, have you thought about taking the steps necessary to be able to?


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