I have been alternating between not writing and writing total nonsense.  This has got to stop.

However, I have been a busy little bee trying to throw together a portfolio for my meeting with the design program at UMKC next week!  Aaaahhh!  That in addition to planning an event at the club where I work, high enrollment for students at my advising job, teaching two or three times a week, apartment shopping, trying to figure out my life, AND keeping up with my last semester of college classes?  I’m freakin’ out, man.

Fruits of my labor for you, though:

They aren’t totally done – that first one has crooked text for some reason and the bottom I want to add solid boxes behind the text because I’m losing my words in the noise.  I have a whole book sketched of other ideas too.  This event (that I’m also using for portfolio building) my co-workers and I want to make HUGE.  I feel like a variety of flyers will make it seem even cooler.  Right?

So I’m not a total slacker…

Just a blog slacker.


Until tomorrow, enchanted day, all!



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