Bloggedy Blog Blog.

Hello, Enchanted Readers! (Do we still have any of those after two weeks of no posting? No? Oh, alright.)

With a series of school interviews, work interviews, hectic school and surgery, something had to go.  Unfortunately, it’s been working out and blogging – two of my only “me time” things!  I’m going to try to start getting up thirty minutes earlier each day to get a quick 15 minute fitness sesh and quick “good morning” blog post in.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

Multiple updates:

1. I’m starting school again in the fall.  Hellooooo, graphic design degree!  Yay, me.

2. I think I’m going to try out P90X.  Anyone else done it?  I’ve had friends who have had fantastic results and I really want to feel strong and fit again.

3. I bought my Clarisonic Mia today!  SO excited.  I’ve heard the first week or two can be pretty awful while your skin adapts (yucky pimples and such) but I don’t think I’ve read a single negative review overall.  Hey, if it works it works!  I picked the turquoise and got “Beautiful.” engraved on the back – a little reminder to give myself some positive self-talk each morning to start the day.

4. Moving to Kansas City in the fall as well.  Let the apartment hunt begin…

5. Tomorrow is EASTER!  My whacky family is having Italian apparently?  Stay tuned, Sarah and I will give you a breakdown of whatever dessert we decide to bring.

That tis all I have for you today.

Get out there and carpe your diem, yo.



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  1. Meg – This is a very delayed thank you and response to your comment awhile back. First of all – I’m from Kansas City, I’m not sure where you are moving from, but it’s a great little city and I always love going home. Also, working out and blogging are also my “me” time — and also the first things to get dropped when I’m busy. The best is when I have time to write from a coffee shop and then head straight to yoga, it sounds so cliche but those are the BEST days. Also, I would love to see more of your graphic design and hear about your transition to living in KC, as I haven’t lived there since highschool it would be cool to learn it all over through a blogger. Good luck, thank you for your comment and I cannot wait to follow along!

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