About Us


Hello and welcome to Live Enchanted!

About Meg and Sarah: blah blah blah.  It’s a BLAH-g.

Sarah and Meg are sisters.

They live in different towns.

They lead different lives.

But both really get down on healthy, whole-food living, working out, and the little, magical, unicorn-al things that make you stop and say “WOW” each and every single day (or, at least the things that SHOULD make you say “wow.”).

They like art, fashion, photography, music, coffee, friends, fun, and family.

They like food.

No, they LOVE food.

Live Enchanted is here as your source of whole-food living and support – read every day to, if nothing else, just help you remember that there should be many many many enchanted moments  in your own life.

A little more, you ask?

Sarah is a crass lady who is prone to bouts of sarcasm and self-deprecating humour.  She is a massive foodie and a little psychotically obsessed with both webcomics and music.  Both prone to using obtuse and antiquated verbiage and a bit of an anglophile, Sarah has an appetite for CULTURE and an infatuation with creating a unique atmosphere for her brain to marinate in: all niches run the risk of being uncovered and exploited.  She also talks a lot and is a bit of an egotist.

Meg is a health nut and an extremist.  She is most likely to be found trying some funky new diet or health regimen – if you’ve heard of it, she’s probably tried it.  She is a vegetarian, yoga-freak, isn’t good at jumping rope, and has never found herself to be quite as hilarious as Sarah.  Meg wants to be a writer someday over the rainbow, so consider yourself a captive audience to her ramblings that may someday mean something to a publisher.  She tries to make each day as enchanted as possible and likes just about everyone.


Concluduing statement of amazing-itude.  Or, if you so please, Enchanted Day, lovely readers!


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