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I’m not just anybody

Do you ever find yourself with a SUPER annoying song stuck in your head?  Yeah, that is totally what I am feeling right now.

My manfriend loves teh rap and teh emo and teh screamo.

Anyhoo, the dude listens to “Bedrock” (I think that’s what it’s called, I really don’t have any desire to know) religiously.  I frickin’ HATE that song and yet somehow I find myself with the silly chorus looping again and again through my brain so pardon me if I am a bit


right now.

This girl loves alternative/indie/folk/jazz/classical/punk/post punk/brit pop/bluegrass/low fi/new wave etc. etc.

So in order to save my brain from further harm, I am going to both listen to/share with you one of my favourite songs currently…

It’s just fantastic.  I love Beirut from the bottom of my soul and that accordion/bells/egg shaker (or cabasa) combo with that haunting melody over the top just touches something deep inside me.  I have literally almost teared up on a number of occassions listening to this song.

Lyrics, for those interested…

The Concubine

I’ve been so tired
One child, I wait for room to spare
I can’t wait, child, and ride
It’s all an empire long beheaded

I am grateful roaming
And so I long for your beacon riverside
Where I rest tonight

Down, autumn falls down
Autumn falls down
And I can hear the sound
All that for miles around it

Autumn falls down
Autumn falls down
And I just roam around
Oh, autumn never lands

Autumn never lands
Autumn falls down
All I can do to end it
I can never end it

Autumn falls down
Autumn falls down
All I can do to end it
I can never end it

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

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I have this thing called a “blog.”

It’s where I blah blah blargh about nonsense every day.

Or in the case of this week, most days.

It’s totally narcissistic, really.  HEY, EVERYONE!  COME READ ABOUT MY LIFE!

I try to keep it pertinent to healthy living, but sometimes I digress and tell you about things like:

Shopping trips.

The job hunt.


Or my new life plan.  Ala Katie, I’m thinking this whole going back to school thing might be the best solution.  After sending out a gazillion resumes and bashing my head against my keyboard for the last month, I don’t think getting a “graphic design degree preferred” job is going to work without actually getting the preferred graphic design degree.  Plus, the prospect of taking classes I’m actually interested in sounds way appealing.

Two more years of school to be able to do what I love?  It doesn’t sound too terrrible…

Enchanted afternoon, all!

What about you?  Are you doing what you’re passionate about?  If not, have you thought about taking the steps necessary to be able to?

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Free Shipping!

Yo, yo – check it, my online shopping friends.

Free 2-day shipping for a whole year with a student (valid .edu) email address via Amazon!

It is a beautiful, springy, awe-inspiring day outside.  Thus, this is all the time I wish to spend on the interwebs while embracing the splendor, the brightness of my all-liquid detox today.

Enchanted, enchanted, ENCHANTED day, my loves.

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No pictures!

I have the best sisser-  I have been straight broke lately, folks.  I used to go therapeutic shopping every week.  I haven’t been able to buy anything fun for myself in almost a year.  Top that with the fact that my weight has been fluctuating like mad.  I dropped down almost six sizes last year and got rid of all of my LARGER clothes, but now I am backy back backin’ up right back into those bigger sizes and have NOTHING to wear.  I guess I was too optimistic when I lost weight… 

She invited me to go shopping with her yesterday after spending a ripe 2 hours hanging out at the DMV because my silly self somehow managed to LOSE my new registration tags and I have been driving so completely illegally for about 16 days.

It wasn’t as bad as it could be, though, I must admit.  Luckily, I got stacked on the smoker’s bench outside (it was a particularly lovely afternoon) and they have this sweet texting system where they text you when your number is up.  I was sitting next to a dude licensing his Suzuki bike and we kept each other entertained with small talk.  I don’t mind being trapped somewhere boring if I can get some cool conversation in. 

But, anyway, shopping!  She got me presents… 

We did (both) get this cool necklace in gold.  It’s a tiny purse!  I’m pretty sure it could easily hold fitty cents for when you walk down to the store and buy a single piece of Dubble Bubble bubbly gum.

So it’s perfect for everyday use, right?   Maybe if you are six years old…

Haha, hoo okay…I just wanted to be part of the shopping blogging…

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No one likes a cranky old bat.

“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.”  ~Tammy Faye Bakker

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”  ~Bo Derek


A good blogger would snap pictures right and left as she spends five lovely, perfect hours at the mall with her sister.

A good blogger would also remember to charge her camera ahead of time so she could do so.

I’ve been in a bit of a winter-funk lately.  I tried sleeping more.  Doing this detoxin’ thang to get my body in balance.  Smiling more (I actually came to the realization that this was missing when I went to my 8 pm yoga class Monday night, tried to smile in one of my poses, and realized my mouth felt all funny because I hadn’t smiled the ENTIRE day. And that’s just not how we do things in an enchanted life, lady).  Meditation, yoga, family time – I have been trying and trying, but just couldn’t shake the general feeilngs of sadness.

Solution for this morose mama? 

Shopping, shopping, shopping.  Granted, this isn’t always a solution, but it sure was yesterday.  I haven’t selflessly spent money on myself in a long while – typically I spend money, but carry around some pretty intense feelings of guilt about it.  NOT THIS TIME!  I spent the whole thirty-minute car ride home reciting mantras about how I was allowed to be happy and be free of guilt and I am feeling pretty fabulous today.  Still on my list of purchases before graduation: a suit and my camera love.

Best purchase yesterday: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer.  This stuff is phenom and makes your eye shadow go on smooth, vibrant, and with a ton of staying power.  100% worth the 22 bucks to keep me looking awake and dolled up all day long instead of sleepy and bare-faced by noon.

There’s really no quicker way to destroy your relationships and feelings of self-worth than being a cranky old bitty all the time – no one wants to hang out with that girl.  Whether it’s taking a minute to breathe, taking a day off work, going to a yoga class, busting out a run, stopping by a pub to enjoy a St. Patty’s day green beer, or heading for the mall to pick up a little something that makes you smile, do something today that makes you feel fabulous.  And seriously – pick up that eyeshadow primer, diva.

You’ve got a diem to carpe – go get it!

Enchanted (i.e. safe and fun) St. Patrick’s celebrations, all!

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1 cupcakes, 2 cupcakes, 3 cupcakes, 4! A-ah-ah-ah

Guess who the Enchanted Sisters are going to see tonight?

I wish that was a picture of him squirting frosting in his mouth.  I bet it is delicious.

Oh, and we’re going to see the Duff, not the Count you silly gooses.

Though there is no limit to money I would pay to just chill with the Count all night.  Maybe 10 dollars!, 20 dollars!, 1,000,000 dollars! 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars!  A-ah-ah-ah

I, for one, am so ready for tonight…

Oh, and this is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.  It is possibly NSFW, but is actually not obscene at all.  Depends how uptight yo boss is, I guess…

Peace, yo.

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